For Your Pets and People
For Your Pets and People

Pet Saver Program - $99.00


Course Includes:
Pet Saver Program Book, Muzzling and Bleeding Management Kit, 2 Year Certificate of Training, Pet Saver First Aid Patch


CPR and First Aid

Learn Hands on CPR and First Aid along with Rescue Breathing, Choking Managment, Primary Pet Assessment ABC's

Bleeding Protocols, Shock Management, Fractures and Limb Injuries, Heat Injuries, Cold Injuries, Poisoning,

Assessing the Pets Vitals.


Snout-To- Tail Injury and Wellness Assessment.

Knowing Your Pets Heath

Human Animal Bond

Role of Quality Nutrition For Your Pet

Caring for your Senior Pet

This section will show you prevenntive measures that you can do now to increase the quality and quantity of your pets life as they become a senior pet.

Life Style Changes
Geriatric Screening

Signs & Symptoms
Indoor vs. Outdoor Pets

The Rule of Seven
Pet Emergency Hospital

Infection, Injury, and Disease

Risk Factor for Different Breeds

Training and Exercise

Diet, Nutrition and Supplementation

Veterinarian Care

Dental Care

Periodonatal Disease and the Signs of Periodontal Disease

Anatomy & Physiology

How To Brush Pet's Teeth

Professional Cleaning: Manual & Ultrasonic


Approximate Time: 6 hours



Other Courses offered: 

Pet Saver Renewal Course - $89.00

Approximate Time: 5 hours.                                                                                                                 All classes must be paid at Regastration time. 

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